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Date: 10 Aug 2000 09:56:26 -0000

From: "SVAROG " <>


Subject: Greetings from a Polish journalist!


To Mr. Alberto Vargas Pena.

Dear Sir,

I am a historian and press journalist, living in Elblag, Poland. I like (and I dare say - love) Paraguay very much, knowing it's dramatic history. I am interested in todays life of your country, too. I often visit Paraguayan websites and especially "Paraguay Ahora".

It seems to me, that Lino Oviedo  is demonized by media, as "golpista", fascist dictator etc. And in the same time, those who have the government asre appling the dictatorial methods in practice.

In the same time, I read in your texts that Lino Oviedo is not responsible for murder of Argana and I read also interview with coronel Etchevery who says that Oviedo didn't organized any golpe de estado in 1996.

How is this possible, that for the majority of Paraguayans the truth is not important, that they hate Oviedo for things he is not responsible for. So, who is REALLY responsible for the clashes and dead victims of Marzo Paraguayo?

My best regards,

Lech Brywczynski